Tipper Stage at the Fillmore

I had the unique opportunity to design and build a stage for Tipper at his debut performance at the historical Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco. It was only my second stage after Envision so I was thrilled to get to go big for a musician I am a big fan of in a venue that is very special to me. A dream come true, to grace the same stage as the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Doors, Miles Davis, Allmann Brothers, etc. So obviously the place carries a lineage of psychedelic torchbearers and this night felt like a whole new level to this bringing in the modern advances in sonic and photonic technologies during the creative swell of 2012. Big thanks for Johnathan Singer for introducing me to Dave, Tipper’s manager and suggesting my contribution. Tipper of course as well for his willingness to bring such a big production to his performance. A super big shout out to Lucas Schwartz for his dedication to the project and help in the engineering and building of the piece, and to Jp Chapman and Nico Ortiz y Pino for help building the screen frames and installation. It was a team effort and we were able to pull it off in just five days working average of 12 hour days. The stage was lit up by John Allbee running the light board, while Andrew Jones projected his visuals onto the form itself. Johnathan was doing his visual alchemy onto the screens flanking the sides mixing in some of Justin Totemical’s work as well as many of mine and other visionary artists’ works. All in all, the synergy was electrifying and the overall performance legendary. I love to witness what is possible when so many dedicated artists and collaborators come together with their passions and plug into a common vision. This feels like we are just beginning something.

Here are a couple links to see the stage in its full glory…




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