Envision-Post Meta

Envison was wonderful. There was an allstar cast of artists, musicians, builders, organizers, and performers there to cocreate some serious magic. People came from all over to share in the experience. The setting was spectacular and the perfect canvas on which to paint the dreamscape. I designed the Sol Stage which was used for most of the live acts. The Earth Harp, one of the largest instruments in the world, was built right into the stage and was played during the sunset hours. I would like to thank all who contributed to executing what many were saying was the best stage ever. First, my lovely wife Cristina, who revealed her super power building skills. Dalabil for his amazing work with the driftwood and selfless efforts to complete the vision. His assistant and old school buddy Mike. Tommy who came through in the final moments to get that sucker done. Ian, whose solid assistance made it all happen. And Sebastian and Jeanna from Guildworks who skillfully helped with the lycra installation and made sure the stage was complete right as the opening ceremony began. Some of these photos are courtesy of Sebastian as well, the others Mario Covic. And also a big thanks to all the volunteers and helpers who stepped in when needed. We encountered many obstacles along the way, mainly a shortage of equipment and tools, to make the extraordinary happen. We were able to do this with only one straight ladder which is just short of a miracle.

Realizing that it would be beneficial to build up a design team name for installations such as these, Cristina and I came up with Dreamcoaster as a way to describe our life and our collective creations in a moment of epiphany on the Costa Rican shores. We were able to secure the domain name as well which seemed ridiculous as so many are taken these days. Stay tuned for more Dreamcoaster designs….

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